February 22, 2024

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Decoding 2024: What Trends Will Shape the Travel Advisor Landscape?

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This week on Trade Secrets, co-hosts Emma Weissmann and Jamie Biesiada gaze into their crystal balls to reveal what 2024 might hold for the travel agency community. They share what’s in and what’s out for this year, along with major trends that will shape the advisor landscape. They’ll even share some resolutions for themselves and for the podcast. 

Here’s a preview of what’s in and what’s out, according to our hosts.

Emma’s “in for 2024” list:

– Using a travel advisor!
– High prices for both accommodations and airfare.
– Europe: Italy, Greece and Portugal are all hot spots.
– Group and event travel.
– River cruising for younger generations.
– Authentic, immersive experiences.

Emma’s “out for 2024” list:

– Peak-season travel (book shoulder season!)
– Last-minute trips (book early!)
– Leaving sustainability out of the conversation.
– Working to the point of burnout.
– Being afraid of technology that can actually help business.

Jamie’s “in and out for 2024” list:

– In: Being a traveler. Out: Being a tourist (credit to Signature Travel Network’s Ignacio Mazza).
– In: 201 destinations. Out: 101 destinations (credit to Jetset World Travel affiliate Sarah Sullivan).
– In: Slow travel. Out: The quick, cram-it-all-in trip.
– In: On-time flights. Out: Flight disruptions (fingers crossed).
– Out: Economy class. In: Business and first (this is an aspirational joke for Jamie, who almost always flies economy)

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About Your Hosts

Emma Weissmann is the Managing Editor of TravelAge West, a print and online magazine for travel advisors based in the Western U.S. She is also the host of the Humans of Travel podcast, where she interviews notable individuals in the travel industry about their lives — the highs and lows that make them human.

Jamie Biesiada is a Senior Editor with Travel Weekly. She is an award-winning journalist, including being named the American Society of Travel Advisors’ 2019 Travel Journalist of the Year. Her roots are in community journalism, where she was the editor of several local newspapers and a regional entertainment magazine.

About the Show

Trade Secrets, a podcast from the editors of Travel Weekly and TravelAge West, is where travel advisors ask — and answer — questions. On each podcast, our editors will ask a veteran travel industry insider to join them and field listeners’ questions. Topics will range from business advice to industry trends, history and more — as long as it’s travel-related, we want to address it! Find Trade Secrets wherever you get your podcasts, or at www.travelagewest.com/podcasts/trade-secrets.


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