Don’t waste any more time planning your summer vacation

Dianne Newcomer

There is a feeding frenzy happening in the world of travel. As a travel agent at Monroe Travel Service and suffering through two years of covid, we are thrilled and sincerely appreciate you calling us for your vacation. It is nice to be busy again.

Yet, for those of you who have not planned your summer escape, I am sounding an alarm: you need to be worried. If all continues at this pace, the signs are all there.  This summer is going to be one for the books, a real lollapalooza!

Spring break and Easter travel was a wake-up call for the airlines.  In fact, they are so excited about what is coming in the way of summer traffic that they increased their schedules and seat inventory for flights between the U.S.and Europe 2  1/2 times.  Without a doubt, this increased airlift is great news, but it does not mean all is perfect. 


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